Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is why we can't have nice things!

Oh what was I thinking right? I of course come to my good friend Kellz and go "hey I got this really great idea... Why don't we come up with like... 'art challenges' and we have to draw what ever either of us comes up with! you go first!" and you know so of course, right off the cuff, she comes up with Batman...Batman... See? I knew why I knew this would be a great idea. Never in a million years would I choose to draw Batman of my own accord! /facepalm. But hey! my plan worked! We are both doing something creative and challenging! Well... challenging for me anyway >_> So now, I'm not into superhero comics much at all really. I'm familiar with most of the batman movies of course, but then I got to thinking about the Adam West TV Batman and I was like oh I wanna do THAT batman! So I tried to capture not so much the "whacky" from the show but like a little more... I think starkness? anyway I really just liked the idea of drawing the TV show Batman. So here goes. Awesome selection by Kellz!


  1. Also, you KNEW I was in a terribad group on WoW at the time. You should have known better >_>'