Friday, February 11, 2011


Wow, hella good challenge from Kellz once again. This time, 19th century sidearms. I strongly suspect this has something to do with her fascination with steam punk >_>' I had to research the subject on a couple of separate occasions. turns out particular wording (i.e. sidearm vs. pistol) will get you wildly different results. Dunno why, doubt I ever will. Regardless, I got MUCH more interesting results the second go around, so I went with a Pepperpot Pistol. It's a .36 caliber, other than that I can't tell you much about it. Also, it's amazing how often it seems like a straight out profile shot of a firearm is apparently deemed sufficient photo documentation. Really people. c'mon.

So anyway, let's see... filters were my friend again. I want to say I used a grain filter for the metallic parts. I tried very clumsily to re-create the diamond carving pattern on the grip by making a layer of a little wedge shape (two different light values) and setting it as a multiply layer at 25% opacity I think. I'm not satisfied with the way it came out. It's missing something. The idea is there, it's just... it doesn't look quite right. I also used an etching pattern from the side of another pepperpot that I had a much better photo of. I created this on a separate layer as well and used the distort tool to get it at about the angle I wanted. Brush tool, multiply and adjust the opacity again.

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  1. Actually, it wasn't steampunk themed, lol. My fake Disney pistol caught my eye, and I wanted to draw it for a while, and I was going to say "WORGENZ" but I changed my mind to this ^_^