Sunday, December 19, 2010

yet again...

ok so yeah, I finished laying down the base ideas for the colours and the next step I'll be taking is roughing in the shadows on it. I spent a little time playing with the light source after I saved this file. I have a vague idea where I'm going with it. vague. Was fortunate enough to see Tron & Tangled this week. Loved them both. Gorgeous movies.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well it's Tuesday, isn't it?

Okay so yeah I didn't forget. Much. I spent a little time trying to match the colours for his clothes as much as possible, but really? whoever did the palette is completely lacking in any sort of fashion sense. His pants look a bit more mustard yellow in game, and those checkers at the bottom? Ugh.. I'm not even gonna get into that...I'm also not entirely sure that his shirt isn't supposed to be sleeveless but I uh... I dunno. I'm doing a sleeved shirt. Anyway, this is just me roughing in the colours getting ready for the next stage. Also, it has nothing to do with anything but I went and saw "Warrior's Way" last nite and I had never heard of it prior to going to the theatre. I kept going "who's in this again? what's it about?" and kept getting the same answer. Ninjas in the old west and Kate Bosworth. "Ohhh yeah yeah, Kate. What was she in? that name sounds familiar..." dude, for the fourth time, she was in Superman "Ohh yeah that's right" >__>' Anyway, it was a pretty sweet flick. I totally didn't think it would be. I mean come on, ninjas in the old west -_- but yeah. Pretty fun ride.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Eat The Nite, We Drink The Tide

Ok, Here's a quicky ballpoint sketch I did at work while I was on the phone. I really need to brush up on Roses. I totally faked it here. mmm...not much else to say. Maybe the original was done on the back of a report? A photocopy of it anyway. I copy my daily reports to monitor their developing progress then trash them at the end of buisiness day. I just kept a little corner of this one!

Poisonous words have a way of haunting people even when the person who spoke them is gone. Maybe that's what it means?

Monday, August 16, 2010

400 Won't Be ENOUGH!!!

Apparently, There's a distinct possibility I woke up at 4 this morning from a really freaky dream screaming this >_>' That's all I'm saying about it but I'm sure this will stick in my head for days to come.

Regardless! Ok so in the past few months I have been revisiting my PS2.Finishing some games I never finished and starting some games I never started. One of the games I had bought (used) and never gotten to til recently is Okage. The art direction in this RPG caught my eye. It's pretty old but I'm a sucker for a pretty picture, sooooo I bought it. And I have to say HOLY SHIT this game eats a big red rocket. I tried hard. I reaaaaally tried hard to like it but I couldn't manage. I'm not a huge fan of turn based RPGs and I knew this would be one because, well... it's Japanese. That being what it is, I played anyway. I couldn't get past the fact that I was fighting giant carnivorous onions and things called "Perky Frogs" that were apparently roaming the country side with no other purpose than to get in my way! Our main character is, well... I forget what his name was. I called him Hugo. He's not all that memorable. Pretty reserved, and whiney. But kinda sarcastic and I think that's what kept me going through the first stages. The dialogue in this game could just as easily have been called diarrhea instead. There's a reasonable likelyhood that the original dialogue (in Japanese) wasn't this bad but man. Talk about patronizing and kiddified. It's like I was reading a Dora the Explorer script. That's about the mentality it projects. Don't get me wrong, the ideas where there. It's just, the end product? *shiver* Anyway, here's my drawring of the main character and S(a)tan, his shadow. Yeah, I said it.

I want to take this piece through some phases as I experiment with colouring in photoshop again (it's been a good, long while) so I'll be posting the next phase and pissing & moaning about the game some more.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Recently I felt as though I were coming down with a cold. I was lucky enough to have planned ahead and happened to have some nite time formula cough syrup/decongestant in my medicine cabinet so I took a pre-emptive shot. A horrible realisation hit me. I had tasted this very recently (although I have not been sick in quite some time) I stalked over to my kitchen and grabbed a bottle off the fridge. Just as I suspected...

Some crazy people thought I was mixing these two when they saw this entry in my journal! Can you believe it! Anyway, a particular person I know said she doesn't wanna see another empty bottle in my sketchbook after the weekend sooo... I'm gonna have to find something else to draw and I probably won't post the other "studies" haha >_>'

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ok I got muh scanner going (well, technically it's a new scanner...)sooooo I'm testing this puppy out to get back into the swing of updates!