Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cottage Cheese

My brilliant idea this time up was Tudor Cottages. I was looking for maybe 80% accuracy with the architectural style. Apparently Tudor house frames are prone to severe warping and this may be part of the reason why there isn't a whole lot of reference on them aside from the high end houses and buildings as Kellz can attest to (she was looking at the Tudor revival halls going "I'm gonna kill him...")

I am not sure entirely how I did it but I totally managed to suck the life out of this drawing. The cottage looks so sterile to me. I'll have to revisit this in the near future with more sketches to see if I can figure out what went wrong. Speaking of more sketches... I am including some study work for this one. In the first image you will see my lil cartooned up cottage. This was my thumbnail for the idea. It was mostly so I can see what concepts I wanted to incorporate into the cottage so that I could figure out how they would look before I actually went in and did the cottage. Also on this first image is a close up of the support beam looking things detailed up. I've never seen documentation of these things being ornamented but thought it might look neat. The owner of this cottage may have been a wheat farmer...

The second image is a study for the balcony (again, I've never seen reference of balconies on this type of Tudor, but... I wanted one!) and of the front door. This was referenced from a photo. Another big difference you may notice between the thumbnail and the full is that I switched the roof material. Originally I wanted a nice tiled roof but I was so unhappy with how lifeless it looked as I progressed that at the last second I decided on the more common thatched roof style for this type of building. My hope was that it would give some of the more organic feel I was looking for. I dunno if it worked. But there you have it!

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