Monday, January 10, 2011

Rough Cut

Ohhhh what a horrible weekend. Awful start to the year already. And many dreams again! only got 2 hours of sleep last nite because of one. Recently I apparently grabbed my cards, and undid the bindings they were in while sleeping. I don't know if I laid them out or not. I have vague recollections of the whole event at best. A certain friend of mine suggested that I needed to do a reading, as I was clearly trying to tell myself something. I hadn't done one in quite a while because I am simply not interested in reading what I already suspect, echoed in the cards. But I did anyway. The reading, as suspected, was no surprise. I must also though, at this point, make mention of this particular friend walking in on her brother and his girlfriend. She says she saw nothing because she didn't have her glasses on but was told "If you're gonna stand there and watch, get some popcorn" which I found highly witty. No real reason in mentioning this other than it makes me laugh. But then, that's reason enough, isn't it?

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