Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When Kellz and I were discussing the challenge this time around we were on the phone (normally that convo takes place over e mail) and when I mentioned we should draw Bith she misheard me and thought I said "Sith" and was all "uhh... ok..." ahaha I thought it was a little strange that she was so hesitant about such a simple one but when I realised what she heard... yeah. I understood. Since there's no real definitive (canonical) documentation of what they look like yet it wouldn't be the kinda thing I would field.

So here we are. I had drawn a Bith Jedi a while back but in a more manga style and I recalled how tricky it was implying that it was a female so I had to go back and reference that illustration to try and recall what I did. I think it kinda works (about as well as I can hope for anyway haha)For the robes I went in the direction of Luminara Unduli & Shaak Ti from Episode II because I really liked the slightly unconventional look they carried, and how it almost felt as if the design carried some hint of their culture especially in the embossed leather panels in the front of their robes. The pleated under robe was inspired by Darth Maul's and the lightsaber (what there is of it) was loosely inspired by Luke's second saber.

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