Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well it's Tuesday, isn't it?

Okay so yeah I didn't forget. Much. I spent a little time trying to match the colours for his clothes as much as possible, but really? whoever did the palette is completely lacking in any sort of fashion sense. His pants look a bit more mustard yellow in game, and those checkers at the bottom? Ugh.. I'm not even gonna get into that...I'm also not entirely sure that his shirt isn't supposed to be sleeveless but I uh... I dunno. I'm doing a sleeved shirt. Anyway, this is just me roughing in the colours getting ready for the next stage. Also, it has nothing to do with anything but I went and saw "Warrior's Way" last nite and I had never heard of it prior to going to the theatre. I kept going "who's in this again? what's it about?" and kept getting the same answer. Ninjas in the old west and Kate Bosworth. "Ohhh yeah yeah, Kate. What was she in? that name sounds familiar..." dude, for the fourth time, she was in Superman "Ohh yeah that's right" >__>' Anyway, it was a pretty sweet flick. I totally didn't think it would be. I mean come on, ninjas in the old west -_- but yeah. Pretty fun ride.

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